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volunteers needed

  • Handymen/women
  • Food providers
  • Drivers to provide transportation and bathroom runs
  • Donors to provide financial support for our cause




transforming hands ministry

performing home repairs for a community in need

Under the leadership of church members John ‘J.D.’ Brahm and Cindy Brahm, we fix and upgrade homes for the disabled and/or elderly, such as constructing wheelchair ramps. We perform several projects per year, and are always in need of volunteers. 


OR CALL/TEXT 281-684-0005



If you would like to market an event through our church, please fill out the form below:

Marketing Request
This form should be completed for any and all marketing needs within the church, including events, new groups, new projects, and fundraising campaigns.
For example: music ministry, women's ministry, Transforming Hands ministry, etc.
Please be sure to list all relevant details, including any businesses or nonprofits you may be partnering with.
Include time, date, place, and whatever else you need people to know. Be sure to mention whether this is for adults or children, whether it costs money, and whether daycare will be provided. Make sure you do not promise daycare services unless you have confirmed with Tori Sandage first.
How often do you want this advertised, and when is the last day it should be mentioned?
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For office use only, unless you specify this as your means of public contact
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